Friday, May 18, 2012

Well this has been the week from "busy"!!! After 4 or has it been 5 years (?) I'm old (LOL) and I don't remember??? Anyway, I decided it was time to redecorate 'Becky's Studio' - Close To My Heart style! WOW what a change - I have gone from Desert Sand with White Daisy trim to a brighter Buttercup yellow with White Daisy trim! I know the trim color is the same but now it is a brighter White Daisy and the Buttercup yellow looks like sunshine on the wall! Now what to do with the floor? Do I want to paint it again? Put down tile? Wood floors? Make the painted floor look like tile? I just can't decide? When I finally decide and I post completed pictures you will have to let me know if I made the right choice!
Along with the color changes I am also making a new cutting station for my paper cutters, cricuts, oh! and of course my xyron - can't be without any those items, as you all know! Hopefully the new changes will give more room for my ladies and their wonderful creativeness! Is that a word? Not sure? Oh well it is now! Ha Ha Ha!!
Now I know a lot of you have not seen 'Becky's Studio' in the past colors - but - seeing the new and improved version - I'm sure you will agree it IS better!!! Stay tuned for pictures - soon!

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  1. wow, it sounds like you have been busy and the makeover sounds awesome, hope you have a wonderful week!

    enjoy *~*