Friday, September 7, 2012

Scrapbooking on the Move - NEW CLUB!

Have you always wanted to scrap book your photos but didn't know where to start? Let me show you how!!! Coming soon to Becky's Studio - 'Scrap Booking on the Move!!'

Because I know you are all busy people and don't have time to sit - for long! And yet - you need time for your self. And we all want to finish an album -

This club is only a two hour commitment - once a month! And at the end you will have a lovely completed album! It's that easy!

Make a two hour a month - 10 month commitment
Each month you will make a two page layout -
Each month you will receive tickets for a drawing that will be held at the end of your 10 months (see details below)
At the end of the ten months one lucky member will win a 'FREE' album.
the rest of the club members will be able to buy an album for HALF PRICE!!

What a great deal!

This is how you will get tickets for the drawing:

Committing to the Club - and being the hostess one month - 5 tickets
Come to the monthly club - 1 ticket
Complete the two page layout - 1 ticket for each page
Bring your pictures for the layout - 1 ticket
Actually adding your pictures to your page - 1 ticket for each page

Finishing an album - Priceless

If you are interested in the club please let me know -

Thanks for stopping by ~

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